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There isn't much to download right now. But feel free to check out some acoustic Spanish guitar songs here.


I have been playing guitar since 2013. I started playing with an acoustic/electric hybrid until 2017 when I switched to a classical guitar crafted in Spain.

The two guitars I play the most are both made by Manuel Rodriguez out of Spain. The most recent of the two guitars, B Cutaway 'Sol y sombra', is a classic/electric hybrid.

The strumming patterns and styles I use wasn't anything I've learned, but was a natural change after I stopped using guitar picks. This is what triggered me to switch from steel strings to nylon.

The music I play the most are songs by Sixto Rodriguez. While in highschool I created a hand full of comedic songs that I have mostly retired. But in most, I try to learn and create songs that fit best with my way of playing and the instruments I have. For the past couple of years, I have been in the works of creating unique songs in hopes to experiment with multiple genres using my classical style guitars.